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About WASH


Welcome to WASH Drinks. We’re here to help you navigate the world of low and no alcohol drinks. Whether you want to cut down, take a break, or stop drinking altogether, WASH Drinks are here to support you on your journey.

So raise a glass of our no and low alcohol options and cheers to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle!


Helping The World Drink Differently


Our Journey so far…


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  • 01.01.2023Hangover Free Revolution Started

    Helping the world drink differently, we embarked on a mission to live a healthier happier life through fitness and rather drinking low and no alcohol as an alternative

  • 01.02.2023WASH Drinks Mobile Bar

    We commissioned the production of our branded fold up mobile bar so we could spread the message at popups and events
  • 01.03.2023Website build and socials

    Our slogan - a hangover free company and so we set out to build great things for WASH drinks

  • 02.02.2023Curation

    We set out to source and find the best in the low and no alcohol world. From travels to Copenhagen to visits to Wellness Breweries, we strive for the best tasting drinks across the globe

  • 15.04.2023WASH Drinks Popup Launch event at Positive Retail

    The first of many events


Step 3

Guiding you through the world of low and no alcohol options, one drink at a time
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Delighted with an alternative to mindless binge drinking. WASH drinks are bringing fresh ideas and alternatives to a future of living a hangover free and much healthier lifestyle


Getting you straight to the good stuff.


This isn’t about sobriety but a journey of wellness.

It’s just in a world of growing concerns around physical and mental health, we think alcohol-free deserves curation and WASH drinks does just that.

Say goodbye to feeling sheepish at dinner parties. Or feeling like an outsider in social situations. Welcome to the wonderful world of alcohol-free drinking. Inclusive. Inspiring. Surprising. We hope you enjoy every moment.